Pregnɑnt horse dᴇlivers rɑre twin foɑls. Wɑit till you sᴇe what hɑppens nᴇxt

In a rare and awe-inspiring event, students at the College of Veterinary Medicine at Oregon State University were fortunate enough to witness the birth of twin foals in May 2014. Named Mocha and Cappuccino, these adorable creatures captivated the hearts of all who encountered them.

The arrival of twin foals is an extraordinary occurrence, with the probability of them being born alive estimated at one in 10,000. Dr. John Schlipf, an experienced veterinarian, expressed his astonishment, noting that this was only the second set of live twins he had ever encountered in his three-decade-long career.

Although the birth of twin foals is a remarkable event, the journey to their survival is fraught with challenges. The odds of these fragile creatures surviving the first two weeks are a mere one in 15,000.

Mocha and Cappuccino faced an additional obstacle as they were unable to nurse from their mother, necessitating the intervention of the veterinary hospital to provide them with essential support to sustain their lives. The responsibility of caring for these delicate foals fell upon the dedicated students, who committed themselves to round-the-clock care.

With unwavering dedication, the students at the College of Veterinary Medicine undertook the immense responsibility of ensuring the survival and well-being of Mocha and Cappuccino. Round-the-clock care included feeding, monitoring vital signs, and providing the necessary medical attention.

Mocha, being the smaller of the two, required treatment for angular limb deformity. Dr. Trina Westerman, a seasoned veterinarian, expressed confidence that with careful bandaging and attention, Mocha could overcome this challenge and develop normally, even though he would always be smaller than his sibling.

The remarkable journey of Mocha and Cappuccino stands as a testament to the resilience and determination of these twin foals. Their survival defied astronomical odds, highlighting the unwavering dedication of the students and veterinary professionals involved in their care.

Through their tireless efforts, these passionate individuals provided a lifeline for these extraordinary creatures, ensuring they received the necessary support to thrive.

The birth of Mocha and Cappuccino, the rare twin foals at Oregon State University’s College of Veterinary Medicine, is a story of triumph over adversity. The students and veterinarians who tirelessly cared for these remarkable animals demonstrated the power of compassion and commitment in the face of challenging circumstances.

The survival of these foals against staggering odds serves as a reminder of the incredible bond between humans and animals and the remarkable possibilities that arise when we go above and beyond to nurture and protect the lives of those in need.

6 Most Common Cat Health Problems

Cats are good at self-maintenance. But even your fastidious feline can’t prevent some of these more common cat diseases and health issues.

1. Vomiting

Vomiting is a very common problem with cats with a multitude of causes. They range from eating something poisonous or inedible (like string), to infection, urinary tract disease, or diabetes to hairballs.

2. Feline Lower Urinary Tract Diseases (FLUTD)

TSome estimates say as many as 3% of cats seen by vets have feline lower urinary tract disease (FLUTD), which is actually a group of feline diseases with multiple causes.

  • List bellow:
    • Drinking more
    • Straining to urinate
    • Bloody urine
    • Urinating in unusual places
    • Crying when urinating
    • Licking around the urinary area (often because of pain)

3. Fleas

  • Fleas are a very common external feline health problem. But it’s one you can easily treat. Signs your cat has fleas include:
    • Flea dirt on its skin (they look like tiny black dots)
    • Constant scratching
    • Frequent licking
    • Red or irritated skin
    • Hair loss
    • Skin infections or hot spots

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