Bubbly 7-year-old horse teaches 30-year-old senior horse how to play

Gentle Titans Equine Rescue in Mount Airy, MD, was established with the aim of rescuing horses from indifferent proprietors. Phantom, one of the equines under the care of this non-profit organization, possessed the spirit of a playful puppy despite being a massive horse in its seventh year.

Courtney, an enthusiastic volunteer at Gentle Titans Equine Rescue, often likened Phantom to a Great Dane. This exuberant and comical equine had an immense fondness for swimming. In fact, Phantom would enthusiastically lead Courtney into the water for playful interactions.

As a shire horse, Phantom had an innate sense of identifying individuals in need. On one occasion, another volunteer named Lauren rescued a thirty-year-old horse named Teton, whose foot had deformities and holes, causing difficulty in mobility.

Given Teton’s discomfort and inability to roam freely in the field, Phantom instinctively understood the predicament. Nonetheless, Phantom approached Teton with care and encouragement, motivating the rescue horse to take small steps forward. Although Teton only left the field for veterinary visits and refrained from engaging in other adventures, Phantom remained by his side.

Recognizing Phantom’s affinity for water, Courtney and Lauren decided to introduce Teton to the creek. They hoped that Teton, too, might find solace in the water, just as Phantom did. Observing Phantom enter the water, Teton promptly followed suit, immersing himself and joyfully splashing alongside Phantom.

It was truly remarkable to witness Teton’s unwavering admiration for Phantom. While it is common for younger animals to seek inspiration from their elders, this dynamic was unique. Phantom’s presence served as a catalyst for Teton’s emotional healing and recovery. Today, Teton has emerged as one of the dominant horses within the herd, thanks to the guidance and support provided by Phantom.

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