15 Do-It-Yourself Dog Food Stands

  We’ll go to almost any length to ensure that our pets are adequately fed and cared for. Even if it means handcrafting the perfect piece of furniture to improve their life, we’ll do whatever it takes! We believe that manufacturing items for our dogs is a tiny price to pay for all of the love, care, and support they provide us on a daily basis.

That’s why, when our eldest dog began having difficulty bending down to eat and drink water at mealtimes due to arthritis, we thought it was time to acquire him a food stand. We hoped that not only would it relieve some of his joint pain by requiring him to lean and hold position a little longer because the food would be right there at his natural level, but we were also convinced that it would result in less food mess all over the floor for us to clean up because he wouldn’t have to eat at such an awkward angle.

We realize we could have just purchased a dog food stand at our local pet or department shop, but where’s the fun in that? We are always much more happy with the way things appear and operate when we can manufacture them ourselves than than buying them. That’s why we’ve been looking for the greatest quality DIY dog food stand instructions we could discover on the Internet recently. We were pleasantly surprised at how many designs and techniques we discovered, and we couldn’t help but share some of our favorites with others who have similar requirements.

Check out this list of the 15 greatest DIY bowl benches, feeding stations, and dog food tables we found while searching!

1. Stand for a reclaimed wooden dog bowl

If, like so many others, you think that a recycled wooden item really truly speaks to your preferences and the home décor scheme you’ve created for yourself, we have a sneaky hunch that you’ll get along rather well with this piece from The Daily DIYer. They not only tell you where and how they recovered the wood they used (which was really recycled and not merely labeled as such for the sake of a fashionable tutorial), but they also teach you how to create this small stand step by step.

2. Small dog dish stand made from wood

Are you attracted by the idea of a dog food bowl, but you’re also aware that your tiny pup is much smaller, or at least shorter in the legs, than the dogs for whom stands are often designed? Perhaps that’s why you’re attempting to custom construct one in the first place; from what we’ve observed, the ones in shops can be pretty tall. In any event, we’d recommend checking out this somewhat modified design seen on PuppyFoodie and made by Remodelaholic that teaches you how to construct a wooden bowl stand from scratch, with measurements that are specifically figured out for smaller dogs to eat at.

3. Front storage for dog feeding station

If you’re planning to install a feeding station for your dog, do you think it would also be extremely handy to have a place to keep the food nearby? What if we told you it’s really pretty easy to construct a space to keep food in the foot stand instead? That’s exactly what this This Old House article will teach you how to make, complete with a tilt-out door allowing access to the compartment under the top where the bowls are kept. This also prevents interested puppies from sneakily snacking on the food.

4. Simple dog dish holder

Are you fresh to the world of woodworking and structure construction, thus you’re searching for something on the lower end of the skill scale? In that scenario, we believe you’d do better with something like this simple and straightforward dog dish stand, as shown by Ugly Duckling House. Their directions and design are simple, but the finished product is very charming, particularly with a coat of paint.

5. Large drawer-style dog feeding station

Did we really grab your eye with this entire notion of a dog feed station with a food storage unit, but you’re certain that your furry companions could jimmy open a tilt-out drawer and sneak in there while you’re not looking? Then you could try this drawer variation of the same concept from DIY Creators instead! It’s simple to open yet tough for dogs to enter, and it keeps food on hand while also maintaining the bowls at the ideal height for bigger, taller dogs than any other design you’ve seen so far.

6. Wooden bowl stand with a rustic theme

If you still like the worn wooden, reclaimed aesthetic but want something even more rustic than what we’ve showed you so far, here’s another guide (with wood reclaiming ideas) from Shanty 2 Chic! They demonstrate how to create a bowl stand that is simple yet appealing, as well as how to custom measure its height to your dog’s demands. It’s the ideal element for a rustic chic house with a medium-sized dog.

7. Built a raised bowl bench from the ground up

Are you someone who already has some woodworking expertise, understands how to use your own equipment, and isn’t afraid of a challenge? This next item from Workshop Addict isn’t very difficult given your level of experience, but it is a bit more grounded on good carpentry technique than some of the others, which may make it the ideal choice for you.

8. Simple painted bowl stool in a small size

If you’ve been reading through our list trying to find something constructed with somewhat less expensive materials, here’s the right design and set of instructions! Centsational Style teaches you how to create a small bench-style bowl stand with few cuts and wood that is inexpensive to buy but not in terms of longevity or quality. They also provide several wood painting recommendations to ensure that your color and coverage are lovely and smooth in the end.

9. Stand for a dog or cat’s bowl. 

Now that we’ve got you thinking about how amazing a feeding station for your dogs would be, are you wondering whether your cats might benefit from one as well? Then Making Stuff is the place to be! They teach you how to create a little bowl stand in a variety of sizes, providing you even lower proportions than any other plants or guides you’ve seen so far to accommodate even smaller dogs and even cats.

10. Dog bowl chairs made at home

Are you the kind of DIY enthusiast that enjoys unique and visibly upcycled ideas because you like thrifting or yard sale shopping and believe that giving old items a new lease on life adds character to your home? We believe you’ll like the surprisingly easy method The DIY Village teaches you how to create these dog bowl chairs with the bowl set directly into the seat, especially if you have some wooden furniture that may need a makeover. These are obviously preferable for somewhat taller dogs (unless you have kids’ chairs, which also work nicely).

11. Wooden doggie name stand

Are you searching for a guide that includes some recommendations and inspirations to help you decorate and dress up your feeding station a bit more than simply learning how to construct a basic stand? Then have a look at this cute wooden name stand from Pinspired to DIY! They teach you not just how to create the stand from scratch, but also how to do some wooden writing, which is a skill you can absolutely utilize around the house.

12. Food stand and storage made of pallet wood

If the notion of recycled wood has piqued your interest but we haven’t yet touched the niche corner of that look that you like, here’s a lesson for the pallet wood fans out there! Handmade on Half Street demonstrates how to create a dog food station with food storage beneath out of authentic repurposed pallet wood. They even show you how they collected and improved on the original condition of the wood without losing its attractiveness before beginning.

13. Crate dog feeder turned upside down

Are you someone who doesn’t have any woodworking knowledge, but you can’t help but want to construct something with a rustic chic charm? Then you’ll appreciate how Animal Wised accomplished this by flipping an old (but sturdy) wooden box upside down and transforming it into a dog dish stand! It’s simple yet rewarding, and their guide walks you through all of the steps they took to create something great out of something that wouldn’t have been utilized otherwise.

14. Raised dog bowl stand made from an upcycled planter

Are you still looking for dog bowl stands to make life a little easier for your really huge or tall dog, but you haven’t found anything that’s just the correct size and also easy enough for you to pull off? Then maybe this upcycled brilliance from DIY for Homeowners will work for you! They demonstrate how they created an elevated bowl stand out of an old planter that was at a nice, accessible height for their giant four-legged pal.

15. Self-service water bowl station

Of course, dog food bowls aren’t the only bowls for which supports may be made! This last Instructables design may be constructed low to the ground exactly as shown above, or very simply changed to sit up on a stand like the ones you’ve been looking at thus far. The primary focus this time, though, is on an attachment you’ll create around the bowl that demonstrates how to utilize an empty plastic 2L pop bottle to hold additional water that will gently replenish into the bowl as your dog empties it, keeping them hydrated longer even if you have to go away throughout the day. The water pressure prevents it from overflowing, and we appreciate how easy it is to create something so beautiful and functional.

Do you know another eager and inventive dog owner who has been thinking about starting their own dog food stand but might need a bit more guidance? Share this page with them so they may select from a variety of designs, instructions, and ideas to help them along the road!

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